We Can’t Work It Out: On Anti-Romance & Things That Aren’t Meant To Be

Macross Photo Album

Most of the times, people look for entertainment and escapism from their fictional media. Grounded and realistic story about failed relationship doesn’t exactly fit in with that. But, sometimes… I just kind of feel the need to scratch the old wound.

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(Personal) Best Anime Series of All Time

As the title indicates, this list is about Madhouse wankfest personal favorites more than anything. Still, while there’s a lot of childhood experience and nostalgia that informed my selection, I’m confident enough about the lasting appeal of such entries to recommend them. I’m perpetually catching up with a bunch of acclaimed shows in recent times, checking out older classics, and re-assess stuff I’ve liked, so expect adjustments in updates to this list once every few months… or once a year… or whenever I feel like it, basically.
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