You Can’t Handle the Truth (‘Stealth Symphony’ Review)

Stealth Symphony Key Image

Dragon. Zombie. Vampire. Ninja. Lizard men. Robot wolf. A lot of mythical creatures wreaking havoc in urban fantasy environment. A big ensemble cast, at least a third of them is probably unnecessary. Psychopath made to look endearing. Yep, this is a Ryohgo Narita joint, alright. Continue reading

A Hollow Ruckus (‘Baccano!’ Review)


Baccano!, as I’ve discovered, is a well-beloved show often recommended as a gateway watch for people just getting into anime, especially among American fans. Lauded for its boundless energy, larger than life characters, and unconventional narrative style, I gave it a shot and eventually discovered that it indeed has all those stuff.

I also discovered I don’t care much about it.

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