Seasonal Thoughts: Fall 2015 Recap + Winter 2016 Anticipation

See You Again Matsubros.png

I have several end of year posts that I’m hoping to finish within the last few days of work holiday, but for now let’s start by knocking off the seasonal wrap-up.

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Seasonal Thoughts: Summer 2015 Recap + Fall 2015 Anticipation

Red Oni Blue Oni OreMono End Card

Considering current (and future) schedule, it’s simply unsustainable for me to keep up with all/most of the shows in a given season, let alone write about them on something resembling frequent basis. As far as anime goes, I generally prioritize backlog stuff (which most of the time I’m way more excited to see than the current crop) and only watch a few airing shows that I’m really really interested in; the older you get, the more carefully you have to pick your battles, so to say. However! I do enjoy reading fans’ opinion and discussion of on-going shows, and I can certainly do this kind of seasonal recap post to talk about the few shows that I’ve indeed watched, impressions I got from other people’s reaction to the shows I’ve skipped, and incoming stuff I’m going to see.

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