Confessions of a Poser



“Have you read all the books on the top sci-fi rankings?”

“Hmm…about 70% I think.”

“Wow you read a lot! You know, there’s a line I always want to say in that kind of situation: ‘aw man! I haven’t even read half of the books on the list!’ How’s that? I self-deprecatingly admit I haven’t tried them, but subtly give the impression that I’ve read 40% of them! But I actually read zero!”
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Super Peace Ghost Busters: Retrospective Thoughts on AnoHana’s Writing

Ano Hana Clean Up.png

Mari Okada being everywhere and writing everything these days compels me to revisit one of her most beloved works in AnoHana: The Flower We Saw That Day, which had me discussing it with a couple of people and watching the epilogue + recap movie for the first time. One thing lead to another, and here I am writing this to express my thoughts on the show’s script work, what’s great (character design, themes) and not so great (plotting, composition) about it, and my hypothetical re-working of it just to see how the great pieces it had could be better utilized to their utmost potential.

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You and I Have Memories: Talking about Our Superstar Cat Robot

Doraemon back side

Every Saturday, I have a side job teaching English (as a second language) to a bunch of kids in free community school. For the latest assignment, I split them into groups, assigned a broad prompt to each group, and asked them to pick a specific subject matter and make a presentation based on that. On the presentation day, things went just as I expected. Most of the kids, aged fourteen to nineteen, were shy and lacked both confidence and fluency in English, so I had to help them when they’re stumbling with their material, prod them to ask questions, and continuously assert myself to keep things going and lively.

Then, one of the groups revealed that they’re doing a presentation on Doraemon (the prompt I gave them was ‘Japan’), and the class simply exploded.

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