The Great Beard Invasion (Dennou Coil, Episode 12)

Dennou Coil Beard Episode

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Fight to the Death: Moribito, Episode 3

Moribito Episode 3 Title Card

The kind of episode that the Three Episode Rule is made for, and the one that turned yours truly from “hmm, this is such a well-crafted show, I can see why it’s so well-regarded…” into “HOLY HELL, THIS SHOW!!” Continue reading

A Kind Joke: Osomatsu-san, Episode 9B

Osomatsu 9B Screencap Jyushi & Girl

A recent conversation I had:

Q: So, this Osomatsu-san thing. What it’s about? I guess it’s the usual cute girls doing cute stuff, but with boys?

A (Me): It’s a show about thrash people being thrash and doing nasty things to each other. Some people did find that very cute, I guess. Also, top-notch poop and dick jokes.

And so, I settled to watch the ninth episode to get my usual fix of vicious black humor, only to be overwhelmed by genuine suffering and pain. Yet, it’s also a display of tremendous grace and warmth, of the show baring the heart that it really always has beneath all the snark, mean spirit, and gleeful mistreatment of its cast. When Osomatsu-san is at its darkest, it’s also at its kindest.

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Episodic Nugget: The Shape of Voice, Volume 1

The Shape of Voice Vol 1 Cover

Episodic Nugget is a space where I recap and comment on specific fragment (whether a chapter of a manga, an episode of an anime, or even a particular story arc) of a series that I love and/or found especially noteworthy. Spoiler abound regarding everything happened in said fragment, obviously. This edition features the first volume of Yoshitoki Ooima’s Koe no Katachi (licensed as The Shape of Voice in my country and A Silent Voice in North America), a shounen bildungsroman that started life as an award-winning one-shot.

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