Origin Story

Oh, hey there. *wave*

Despite the German handle (Beobachter) and Latin surname (Aravena, or Raven as I like to be called), I’m actually a resident of Indonesia, in Southeast Asia. I’m a full-time translator and interpreter, part-time teacher, part-time coordinator of fiction writing club, and any-time-I-have-remaining writer and blogger. For as long as I could remember, I have been a Japanase comic and cartoon enthusiast. I grew up with 1990s manga and anime shows that used to be a television staple in my country, then grew out of it for most of my high school and college years. Finally, I eventually re-discovered my passion for this particular subset of Japanese entertainment around 2014, and decided to make my own blog after enjoying the many great content on animango blogosphere (which had certainly evolved from what it used to be on my teenage days; RIP Anipike, Angelfire sites, character shrines, guestbook chatting etc.).

I wish I have a good story on the blog name, but honestly it’s just a phrase that sounds good to me. Well, I’m a realist, and gold is… good, I guess. Anyway! The primary aim of this blog is to act as a reprieve for me from the daily grind of work, and hopefully inform/entertain/be of use to other fans along the way. As for the content, it’s mostly a collection of long form writing on a bunch of manga and anime (and occasionally, films, books, and certain forms of culture), exploring stuff that don’t necessarily have to be hip or current. My current life schedule doesn’t really allow me to write (for instance) episodic write-ups on several on-going anime shows, and besides, there are already some perfectly good blogs out there covering exactly that. I’m still going to provide wrap-ups and updates on my personal consumption of current stuff, but it’s just a part of what hopefully would become increasingly diverse and free-form Golden Realist™ experience.

Thank you for reading, and always feel free to say hi and/or drop a comment, even on years-old articles! For further enquiries and private correspondence, you can reach me at the following e-mail: aravena1701(at)gmail(dot)com.