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In which I talk about myself a bit.

When I was trawling through my favorite animango blogs, I noticed my blog got tagged a couple of times for the blog awards/Q&A session thing. I haven’t done this sort of thing before, but it seems like a nice change of pace. Hence, I put them in this one post, hope those who nominated me  won’t mind!


Versatile Blogger Award


  1. Display the award
  2. Thank the person who gave the award (including a link to their blog)
  3. Share seven things about you.
  4. Nominate ten bloggers

Manga enthusiast Krystallina from Daiyamanga (always reliable for manga/game reviews and information on promotional deals, among others) tagged me for this exercise of listing 7 things about myself. Here goes, just off the top of my head:

  1. ‘Raven’ is actually what a lot of people called me in real life, taken from my middle name Aravena.


  1. My favorite avatar (for this blog and many other places) is Atom from Naoki Urasawa’s Pluto. At one time, some of my mates actually thought it’s a caricatural representation of me.


  1. I’m so damn bad at handwriting, it’s not even funny. When I write on a letter/card/whiteboard, I also have a bad habit of making the initial letters/words so big I don’t have enough space to complete the writing.


  1. I was born in Indonesia, an archipelago state in Southeast Asia. It’s very prone to natural disasters, and (like most other countries) there are many stupid and ridiculous things. All things considered, it could be worse though. Great ethnic variety and food selection. Speaking of…


  1. ^That’s my favorite snack of all time, the ‘keripik sanjay’ from my hometown in West Sumatra. Basically, deep fried cassava chips that has the most perfect blend of spiciness and sweetness I’ve ever tasted.


  1. I have two older sisters, two younger brothers, and one (late) younger sister. All of us are/were big fan of manga. Annoyingly, each of us now live in different city and ( in my youngest brother’s case) island. Spent a lot of time mailing manga volumes back and forth between us.


  1. I probably owe 95% of my taste in media to my second-eldest sister. She used to own a lot of books, and it’s from her collection that I grew to love all sorts of manga (including shoujo/josei works) as well as Golden Age murder mystery. She once said, “Who cares if it’s for girls or boys, if it’s good then it’s good”, which is still the best advice anyone ever gave me in terms of media consumption. Kind of missed her.

Now, for my noms…. thing is, I’m pretty sure most blogs I’m following has done a gazillion of this, and/or have them piled up already. Still, I’ll use this opportunity to highlight ten of the blogs that I enjoy reading throughout this year:

  1. Reticent Retreat

Hadn’t posted much, but I love her poignant and thoughtful writing style. Come back and write some more!

  1. Unsheated

A versatile blog that intertwines anime and non-anime stuff with some interesting contemplation on life and faith.

  1. Theanimehub

Has written some anime reviews in a way that I found engaging and very informative.

  1. The Anime Glutton

Always nice to see a fellow blogger from my region. Dude provided candid and enjoyable takes on seasonal anime and other assorted stuff.

  1. 100WordAnime

You’ve probably seen Karandi around. Been impressively and consistently productive with succinct episodic coverage and other regular features.

  1. Fantastic Memes

The freelance translator and noted light novel enthusiast is a good one to visit regularly for nuanced and thoughtful discussion on various Japan-related issues.

  1. Hot Chocolate in A Bowl

Karice translated and compiled interviews and other assorted material with Japanese creators, which I really appreciate and find very useful.

  1. Mage in A Barrel

Used to write wall of texts in its comment section, haha. A nice balance between analytical commentary and heart-on-sleeve takes.

  1. Josei Next Door

Another one of my go-to source for nuanced commentary and passionate takes.

  1. Plain Pasta and Plain Rice

The curiously named blog is one of the most recent blogs that I’ve followed, but I’m already liking his/her content and coverage of short-form anime.


Sunshine Blogger Award


– Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
– Answer the 11 questions posted by the person who nominated you.
– Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
– List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post.

Artemis from the great site Otaku Lounge provided this set of fun questions for me  to answer:

What was the first movie you ever saw in a cinema?

Can… you…. feel…. the… loooove…..tonight?


Yeah, pretty sure it was The Lion King. Can’t remember much of my reaction (I must be five or six), besides that I was basically awestruck by the experience. Just watched the movie for only the second time a couple years ago, actually. The stampede sequence still holds up as an impressive piece of animation.

If you could snap your fingers and be super-talented at any one (non-fantastical) thing, what would it be?

Either drawing or badminton. The latter’s my favorite sport growing up, but I never gotten good enough at it (I’d blame my lack of dedication rather than any talent issue though).

Is there any food you absolutely can’t stand?

Hmm, nothing in particular, but I’m nowhere as crazy about durian as practically everyone else in my life.

Based on your own personality, which Stock Japanese Character would you be?

Err. Maybe the ‘Ninja’—people often commented about how I can very easily ‘disappear from sight’ and go to stealth mode (in social sense).

Assuming it was totally safe and you had the time and money, where would you most like to spend a week’s vacation?

Switzerland, specifically Lake Geneva. There’s a very cheesy reason for that, which I’ll spare you from.

What natural disaster is the most terrifying?


Have you ever broken any bones and if so, how?

Nope, cracked my head twice and tore my ligament once, but never broken any bone (whether mine or other people’s) thankfully.

Even if you’ve only watched a few minutes, what’s the single worst anime you’ve ever seen?

Whew, this is  pretty tough when I think about it. I tend to avoid truly horrible anime, and it seems I’ve successfully erased the memory of some godawful abomination (mostly from YouTube clips) that I’ve laid eyes on.

Out of the shows I actually finished…. School Days? Yeah, let’s say School Days.

What charity would you donate a million dollars to?

One that provide shelter/education facilities for children.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

When people drop in my place without prior notice (unless it’s emergency, of course).

Did you ever believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny, or the tooth fairy?

Nope, they don’t exist in my culture. I did believe in genderuwo (local evil spirit) and ghouls that devour kids who dare to stay out of house after sundown…. yeah, I was kind of a morbid kid.


Now, the noms for this one…. let’s just use the list I used for the Versatile one, haha. Regardless, anyone who stopped by and is in the mood to answer these questions should feel free to take it:

What is your most everlasting childhood memory?

If you know the world is ending tomorrow, how would you spend the remaining day?

What is your favorite anime OP/ED of all time?

Art or sport?

What is the first ever fictional media that made you cry?

Do you tend to remember your dreams (the one you have while sleeping)?

If you can choose the age of your death, what it would be?

Do you play any kind of musical instrument?

Do you like karaoke? If so, what is your go-to song?

If you can only choose to have one social media and delete all your accounts elsewhere, what it would be?

If you can go back in time like one of those anime protagonists and redo one of your life decisions, what it would be?

There you go! Thanks to the people nominating me, it’d been pretty fun writing this. Had a lot of end-of-year content planned, but we’ll see just how many I actually end up posting, hahaha.Meanwhile,  I’m going to head off tonight to watch Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name, been excited to watch that on the big screen!


7 thoughts on “Versatile & Sunshine Blogger Awards

  1. I’m ridiculously late in seeing this, but congratulations! And thank you for the nomination! It gave me warm fuzzies ^ ^ Also, Aravena is a really cool name.


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